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What is the difference between PO Price and Full Payment Special?

The PO price means the total price you need to pay if you select the deposit option upon checkout.

PO price - Deposit = your balance need to pay when the item you ordered is released. However, for people who want to pay full directly, we will give them some discount, which is Full Price Special means.

Are your products authentic?

Yes, all of our products are authentic, no copy resins or highly duplicated resin will be sold in our website.

How long does it take for me to receive my item after order placed?

Where do you ship from? And do you ship to my country? For example: USA, Europe and etc.

Yes, we ship worldwide, and yet we provide TAX-FREE SHIPPING to worldwide too, meaning that you all will just need to pay for the shipping fees, no need to worry about the taxes at your country. We offer sea shipping, air shipping, and railway shipping, depends on the destination country. All our products will be shipped from the factory in China directly to your country.

What if we received a broken part?

For pre-order items, kindly refer to the ETA in the product description below. For ready stock item, we will ship out as soon as possible. Normally we will be able to give you a tracking number in 1 week time. However, sometimes due to the delay in custom declaration issue, we might be late to send you the tracking number. Next, for sea shipping normally it takes around 1 ~ 3 months time, air shipping will takes around 1 weeks ~ 1 month time, and railway shipping will takes around 1 month ~ 2 months time depends on the country of destination.

Can I cancel my order and get my refund?

If you received a broken part, we can file a claim with the studio of production, and they will send a replacement to you, and we will COVER THE OVERSEAS SHIPPING FEES for you! FYI, our claim successful rate is almost 90%.

Sorry, there's no cancellation is allowed after the deposit is paid. However, we will help you transfer your order to other people, if anyone wish to take over your order, then you will get your money back by transferring your order. Also, if we are unable to fulfill your order, we will refund back to you.

Return and refund

All item sold are not returnable or refundable, unless the producer of the item agreed to, OR received a 100% broken item that is unable to assemble (Unboxing video required).

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